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Why do we need to
act now?

Coral reefs take hundreds, even thousands, of years to form, typically growing as slowly as 5 millimeters and no more than 20 centimeters per year. But what has taken centuries to build can be destroyed instantly.  

Today, around the world, coral reefs and the abundant life they support are in jeopardy. Coral Reefs are the Tropical rainforests of the sea and without protection they will continue to be depleted and destroyed. In recent years, 25-75% of the world’s reefs have been lost. Remaining coral reefs may very well be destroyed by human activities in the next thirty years if we do not take action now.

What can you do today to save coral reefs?

 When diving or snorkeling near coral reefs, DO NOT touch, stand or walk on, kick, or collect coral. Make sure none of your equipment bumps into the coral.

If you operate a boat, navigate carefully to avoid contact with coral reefs, never drop anchor onto a reef, and never dump trash or sewage into the water.
Don’t purchase items made from coral or other threatened marine life. Avoid coral jewelry or other marine souvenirs unless you are certain that they were farmed or produced in aquaculture operations.
If you own a tropical aquarium, request that your aquarium store purchase only fish that have been certified “cyanide free.” Don’t purchase coral pieces or “live rock” for your tank unless there is proof they were not removed from the wild.
As runoff is one of the leading threats coral reefs face, use ecological or organic fertilizers. Even if you are thousands of miles from the ocean, your land waste will still eventually end up there. 
Dispose of your trash properly. Get the plastic items out of the trash bin and into the recycle bin. Whenever possible, avoid single-use plastics and replace with re-usable items. 
Volunteer with
Mālama Nā `Apapa
Volunteer to help with underwater and beach rubbish removal. To volunteer for underwater cleanup, you must be a certified diver and go through a brief training to insure you are not damaging the reef by removing debris. Anyone, any age can volunteer for beach cleanup.

If you are interested in getting involved with Mālama Nā `Apapa, fill out the contact form below. We’ll be in touch with upcoming cleanups and volunteer opportunities.
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We invite all people to join our alliance and help preserve, sustain and restore our Coral Reefs here on Kaua`i and around the world.

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